AMG Brands Network Inc. (AMGBN), a Canadian digital publisher, has announced that it will be changing its domain from to and rebranding its digital presence to reflect better the company’s values, vision, and identity.

The change in domain and rebranding comes at a time when AMGBN is experiencing significant growth and expansion, with an increasing audience and a growing portfolio of clients and partners.

According to the company’s founder and CEO, the change in domain and rebranding is a strategic move that aligns with AMGBN’s long-term vision and goals while also reflecting its commitment to providing high-quality digital content to real people.

“We believe this change in domain and rebranding will help us better serve our audience and partners while also strengthening our position as a leading digital publisher in Canada and beyond,” said the CEO. “We are excited to take this step and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality digital content that informs, educates, and inspires real people.”

The new domain,, will be practical immediately, and visitors can access the same high-quality digital content that AMGBN is known for. The company’s social media handles and email addresses will also be updated to reflect the new domain.

The rebranding effort will include a new logo, website design, and digital presence that reflects the company’s core values, purpose, and mission. The new brand identity will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks and months.

AMGBN’s commitment to providing high-quality digital content that educates and informs real people remains unchanged. The company looks forward to continuing to serve its audience and partners in the future.


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